Co-working Space: The Shoreditch Guide

The SOS Guide to Co-working in Shoreditch

Co-working is an increasingly popular way of working. Tailored to suit individuals and small companies, co-working spaces are offices were residents work for different organisations under the same roof. The work space will be fitted out with everything you need to ‘plug and play’: desk, chair, internet connection, phone line, kitchen facilities and so on.

Co-working (or shared) spaces have become the location of choice for start-up companies that want to be in a professional working, as well as smaller teams that require flexibility from their offices. Providing access to break out areas and meeting rooms, companies are able to benefit from the traditional expectations of an office without having to handle the management of the whole space

And here at Shoreditch Office Space, we like to do things properly.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to scour the co-working and shared offices in Tech City and compile a comprehensive guide for you. By visiting each location and meeting every landlord, we have been able to give you a feel for each space, who’s there and what they’re doing.

Every co-working office will be different, and it’s worth taking the time to look around a few places to find one that really suits you and your company. Some will be more corporate, others more social and collaborative. Regardless of what you’re looking for, Shoreditch will have a co-working space suited to your needs.

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