Reduce your office costs

Shoreditch Office Space brings you seven money-saving tips to make your office more cost efficient without sacrificing productivity.

  1. GO PAPERLESS – For most offices, there will always be the need to for some things to be printed off. But before you ‘Ctrl + P’, pause for a moment and think… “Do I really need this cluttering up my desk?” Costing an average of 3p for a single side of A4, an office that prints 200 pages a day would save in excess of £1,500 a year. That’s enough to keep the Christmas Party bar open for another 45 minutes or get rid of that pesky asbestos in the roof…
  2. THE POOLING POWER – This is not the ability to attract the opposite sex, unfortunately. But it can save you a small fortune in office expenditure. Get in touch with similar companies using the same suppliers as yourself and agree to take your business en mass to the cheapest provider of the product or service you need. By agreeing to working together on an exclusive basis for a set period of time, your bargaining power is massively increased and you could save a fortune!
  3. EMPTY DESKS – Are there empty desks collecting dust in the corner of your office? Have the demands of your work space changed, and you’ve found yourself with a largely empty office? If this is the case, you could consider subletting your excess space as ‘hot desks’ or co-working space. Subject to the terms of your lease (if you’re renting), you could secure additional revenue as well as reigniting a productive and busy office environment.
  4. OFFICE DESIGN – Companies like Google and Facebook have proven time and time again that the right office design can increase productivity no end. By cleverly adopting open plan designs, providing break out areas and assisting in healthy living options, you can see a significant rise in output from your staff. Employees are more likely to collaborate, cooperate and be driven if they are in an environment that encourages it. An initial outlay on office fit out could pay dividends in the long run.
  5. TALENT SCOUTING – Bringing in established experts and market leaders can be an expensive exercise. Trust in youth and commit to developing your own team. Interns can be a fantastic way of reducing the wage bill while continuing to bring in fresh talent to your team. Graduates are keen to learn and often know as much about field as established counterparts. Invest in training young staff and it could save you a fortune down the line.
  6. RECYCLE – Use paper from failed printing jobs, reuse printer cartridges, donate used cartridges to charity and write it off against tax. It sounds like a lot of work for a small return, but over 12 months the saving can be drastic.
  7. POWER DOWN – One of the biggest hidden costs in any office is failing to minimise power usage. Technology allows companies to manage their use – motion detectors to turn off unnecessary lighting, ensuring PCs are switched off overnight. In a medium or large office, the use of unnecessary electricity can run into the thousands over the course of 12 months. Turn it off and save!

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