A month in Tech City

A month in Tech City: An outsider coming in

1 (2)A month ago today, I took the position as Head of Partnerships at Shoreditch Office Space. In the last four weeks, I have been lucky enough to meet a huge number of incredibly diverse and interesting people. Some of these I have been able to write a short article on for our blog, but the majority I have made mental notes to meet regularly and stay informed about their own journey in East London.

One thing that has struck me about the community in Shoreditch is its unique and inclusive nature. I have sent out (literally) hundreds of speculative emails to everyone from entrepreneurial start-ups to the CEOs of international organisations. Each one has replied personally, and shown genuine interest in talking about their experience of Tech City. I have been fascinated by every story, and monopolised far too much time of very busy people who have humoured my ignorance and interest. With every encounter, I have gained an insight into what is happening in Tech City, and how we as a company can better help those looking to joining the cluster.

Inspiration is everywhere. Spend an afternoon in Campus and you will encounter dozens of people, each with the drive and ambition to change the world. The same enthusiasm is shared by the guys at the top: meetings with the founders of The Bakery and Central Working left me with the same sense of excitement and possibility as I had meeting a 23-year old web designer that wants to fundamentally change the way entrepreneurs connect.

Tech City has been nurtured by an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration, and I have been fortunate to experience it at every turn. East London is undergoing a transformation, and it is hugely exciting to be part of a company that is helping to shape that. Thank you to everyone I have met over the last month: colleagues, clients, strangers and people who stayed still too long to avoid me in the street. I look forward to seeing you all change the world, and hope we can help as many of you as possible on that journey.

Thanks. Luke.