Are Standing Desks The Future?

Standing Desks

The standing desk trend has been hitting London offices, adopted by more and more employees, throughout the past few years. But will they be a passing fad, or a permanent feature?

The potential benefits appear to be overwhelming, and certainly worth the hassle of a few weeks of sore feet before you get used to it. Those who have sampled the new trend have claimed they can’t go back to sitting. Figures for a variety of medical associations in the United States have highlighted the benefits to employees, with an increase in the number of calories lost by employees using standing desks, as well as improved respiratory function and posture. But what does this mean for the modern workplace?

For one thing, standing desks mean that less space is necessary per employee. When workers opt for standing desks, they reduce the floor space required to complete their work, freeing up more space for break out and meeting areas. Anecdotal evidence also suggests workers feel more ‘energised’ by using raised desks, proven to significantly increase productivity amongst staff.

A potentially unexpected benefit of standing desks has been increased levels of employee collaboration. Forward-thinking companies like Google and Facebook have invested significant sums in the architecture and design of their work spaces to promote communication and innovation. The unusual desk arrangement appears to encourage co-workers to engage with one another more regularly than traditional seated desks.

For many, the idea of ditching the office chair in favour of a standing desk may seem a long way off, but the trend is building momentum. Shoreditch Office Space are already installing treadmills to stay ahead of the curve…maybe.

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