Rachel Cheal, Founder of The Growth Lab

The Growth Lab: Flexible financial adviceRachel Cheal photo

Flexibility has become a buzzword in Shoreditch. 24 hour access to co-working spaces, early morning and late night events to fit around the working day – we demand the highest levels of service readily available to pick up and put down at our convenience.

With this in mind, a new financial consultancy has been launched to provide bespoke financial advice to a variety of companies who find traditional services fall short. The Growth Lab, established by ‘Timewise Power Part Time Top 50’  winner Rachel Cheal, is a new kind of consultancy designed to accommodate the diversity of needs presented by an equally diverse client list.

The Growth Lab is designed to fit neatly into the existing framework of its client, providing strategic financial advice on a part-time basis to suit their specific needs. Unlike traditional services that require fixed terms and contracted hours, The Growth Lab offers bespoke financial advisory programmes that can be as little as a day a month. Clients only pay for the time they use, and as a result can make substantial savings by determining where best to utilise the service.

The Growth Lab places an emphasis on working alongside established management structures to best understand the needs of each company. Previous clients range from personal media technology specialist Tigerspike to social media network Lulu. The Growth Lab’s personalised approach and flexible framework means companies can reduce overheads without compromising on quality.

Considering the speed with which companies can grow and develop in East London, we predict an increasing demand for the versatile, tailored service that Rachel Cheal and The Growth Lab are offering.

To learn more about The Growth Lab, visit their website at http://www.thegrowthlab.co.uk/ or follow them @thegrowthlab.

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