Open Plan: Is It Right For You?

Is Your Company Ready For An Open Plan Office?

Open plan office environments are quickly becoming the status quo for company workspaces. Teams are no longer boxed into separate rooms or huddled around a single desk cluster. There are, however, a number of considerations that a company must address before knocking down the walls. Shoreditch Office Space has used our years of experience helping companies secure and fit out their work space to comply a quick list:


  • Encourages collaboration – by having an open office concept, you encourage employees to talk to each other and work through the challenges they’re facing with their work.
  • The Price Is Right: no divisions means more desks, more desks means a more cost efficient office. Simple.
  • Let There Be Light: tearing down the walls will invariably flood any space with all available natural light. Instead of individuals vying for the ‘desk with a view’, everyone can enjoy the space in its entirety.
  • Space Invaders: by creating an open office, you free up more space for alternative uses such as break out and coffee areas, which offer a great platform for interaction between employees.


  • Pardon!?: some employees may prefer a space that doesn’t host fifteen conversations at once. If you are client facing, or need to hold a phone conversation in a communal work space, noise may become a factor.
  • Do Not Enter: open plan offices still have many of the same demands placed upon them as traditional designs. Meeting rooms, board rooms, private conversation booths – you may find your office having more walls that you originally envisaged.

Many businesses have found that the solution is to provide a semi-open office space or retain the facilities to have private meeting and board rooms, big enough to accommodate the demands of the company. In a semi-open office, teams are positioned in ‘clusters’ and low walls provide them with a degree of privacy from colleagues.

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