Service Charge Audits

When there’s a dispute between landlords and tenants, it’s often to do with service charges. In times of austerity and the need to reduce costs, it is important for occupiers to know that the service charge they pay is precisely in line with what is stated in the lease.

Shoreditch Office Space is able to provide a specialist service charge verification service. Our Shoreditch Office Space consultants are well placed to help clients ascertain the rightful levels of service charge expenditure levied by their landlords. This service includes:


  • Service charge certificates, budgets, sinking funds and apportionments
  • Precise lease wording relating to service charge liabilities

Advising on:

  • Appropriate wording and drafting of leases to mitigate exposure to future unscheduled costs
  • How to reduce high costs
  • Repairs and refurbishment proposals provided by the landlord

– Seeking tenants’ views on services required in a multi-let building

– Negotiating with landlords to modify services and achieve value for money

– Our service aims to identify any overcharges and seek savings wherever possible.