Campus Party 2013

Shoreditch Office Space visits Campus Party 2013

 As the biggest technology event in the world, there was no way we could miss out on this year’s Campus Party at the 02.

The event attracts more than 260,000 ‘Campuseros’ over the week long, 24-hour-a-day festival and networks some the “brightest minds in science, innovation, digital media and creativity”. This year the event was hosted at London’s 02 Arena, and Shoreditch Office Space sent down our resident techie to check out the offerings.

The first thing that strikes you is the size of the occasion. Pop-up displays fill the interior while thousands of eager young faces scamper between the inflatable orbs and display points. Queues form beside headsets offering interactive 3-D experiences of London while the adjacent gazebo explains how a new generation of loyalty card will change the way we shop.

A wander across the landmark’s vast floor space leads to huge projected computer games, with popular titles being enjoyed by hundreds of enthusiastic teenagers.

“So what’s the new technology here?” I ask tentatively, aware of the dangers of interrupting a 0-0 game in the 85th minute.

“There isn’t any” comes the response.

“So what are you doing..?” I enquire. “Playing FIFA”.

Ah. So maybe not all the technology is new.

But there is no doubt that Campus Party houses some of the most exciting and innovative technology going, as well as some unrivalled expertise in the fields of tech and creativity. More than 500 hours of talks are scheduled for this week, and countless hours of ad hoc presentations and engagements by participants.

The location for Campus Party 2013 is hugely significant. Hosted everywhere from Brazil to Berlin, the mammoth tech event has chosen to base itself in East London at a time of exciting regeneration and development. The Tech City project has begun to flourish, spreading its wings North towards Kings Cross and East to Hackney.

Campus Party’s decision to be part of this wave reflects the enormous potential that the area now has. Shoreditch Office Space are hugely excited by events like Campus Party, and what they represent for the broader tech community in East London. We can’t wait to see Tech City develop and look forward to bringing you more stories about its expansion.

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