Tenant-Only Representation

Tenant-only Representation: Fighting your corner

Entering the property market and looking for a new office can be a daunting task.

A misjudged enquiry to the wrong broker and you will be buried under an avalanche of irrelevant and generic emails and phone calls.


Traditional agents and brokers have established relationships with landlords and in Shoreditch’s high-demand, low-supply market that puts you at a disadvantage. Paid to find clients to fit a space, office brokers will look to force round pegs into square holes in order to make their money.

At Shoreditch Office Space, we are different.

As tenant-only representatives, we work independently on behalf of our clients to find them the ideal space. When you get in touch, we won’t push specific buildings on you, or send you streams of unsuitable properties.

Instead, we’ll invite you to our Shoreditch office for a coffee and a chat. We’ll take the time to learn about you, your company and your vision for the future. We believe that without being armed this information, the chances of find the perfect office to suit you are slim to none.



Once we understand what it is you need and want from your next office, we can get to work. We will compile a report on every building that fits your requirements – based on size, location, purpose, aesthetics and anything else you need to consider when taking a space.

When you decide on a property you like, we can go to war on your behalf to secure not only the best possible price, but also the most tenant-friendly leases available. This not only saves you money in the short-term, but also protects your company in the future from unexpected maintenance costs or building repairs.

Based in the middle of Shoreditch High Street and hiring local staff, we have unrivaled understanding of the property market in East London. Shoreditch Office Space is completely independent, meaning we only have our client’s interests in mind. It also means we can work with every agent, landlord and building, both on and off market, to find you the perfect space.

Why not get in touch with Shoreditch Office Space today and see how we can help with your next office search. We look forward to hearing from you.