Drummond Gilbert, Co-Founder Of GoCarShare.com

GoCarShare.com: Re-imagining shared travel

Shoreditch Office Space were lucky enough to grab a coffee with Drummond Gilbert, co-founder of start up GoCarShare.com, and learn about the exciting new start-up that’s set to change the face of travel.

The idea is a simple one. If you’re a driver, why not let your empty car seats make you money? If you’re a passenger, why not capitalise on one of the cheapest and most fun ways to travel? GoCarShare.com helps to match drivers with empty seats with passengers trying to get somewhere.

Logging in through Facebook, members can plan the trip to their destination, then allow others to search for drivers travelling in the same direction. The social networking element allows members to learn more about their potential travel buddies, offering the opportunity to view mutual friends and interests. This makes the process as much a social adventure as it is a cost-efficient way to travel.

Drivers can accept or decline the passengers that request a seat, and feedback is left by both parties on completion of the journey. GoCarShare.com has also introduced a video diary element to their website, allowing members to document their journeys in a variety of humorous and inventive ways.GoCarShare 2The start-up has already enjoyed massive success with campaigns targeting festival-goers at Leeds and Reading this year. Shoreditch Office Space can see the idea being particularly popular with returning university students keen to avoid inflated public transport prices!

The site offers secured payment methods to make journeys fun, safe and cost-effective for all concerned. GoCarShare.com are currently based in the sought-after Wayra accelerator programme and have just secured additional funding to facilitate their continued expansion. For more information, check out GoCarShare.com and make getting around fun again!

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