Very Small Shoreditch Offices

Hard to find, and even harder to secure, very small offices are a rarity in Shoreditch. Below 750 sq. ft. and designed to accommodate no more than 6-8 people, these sized spaces almost never come onto the open market, and any deals that are done tend to be off market

. Fortunately, this does not mean you face an impossible task finding a work space of this size. Shoreditch Office Space has an extensive network of agents, landlords, brokers and buildings that like to call from time to time with fantastic off market spaces. The advantage to smaller spaces (like the one pictured – a renovated Spitalfields clock tower) is they tend to offer fantastic character

. Quirky, unique, cosy – smaller work spaces can provide a range of original features and attractive qualities that larger buildings may have lost in previous renovations. So there is hope! An alternative option, that is becoming increasingly popular with East London tenants, has been to take slightly more space than they currently require, with the intention of growing into the space. In the meantime, the space can be sublet (subject to leases) to provide an additional revenue. There are a number of caveats to this option that require consideration, but Shoreditch Office Space are able to advise clients who may be interested in this possibility. For more information on Shoreditch Office Space, the services we provide our clients, and how we can help with your next property search, please contact