A Shoreditch Institution – Shoreditch House

Shoreditch House

There are many indicators of social standing. Jewellery, cars, arm candy that doesn’t remember dial-up internet.

Personally, we prefer walking around a roof top in Shoreditch wearing nothing but a towel and a smile.

Shoreditch House is the epitome of everything that is good about East London. Effortlessly stylish. Exclusively inclusive. Delightful eclectic.

Neighbouring the iconic Tea Building and overlooking the BoxPark pop-up mall, Shoreditch House beautifully marries the old and the new of London’s most established creative district. A long cultural history defines EC1, but recent years has seen it reinvented as the home of technical innovation. ‘Tech City’ has breathed new life into a traditionally vibrant (if not slightly “rough around the edges” – blame Time Out, not us!) area of East London.

The Square and Library bars have been recently refurbished to offering table service and incredible views of The City. The Games Room provides work space for small and medium sized groups around workstations which, inevitably, transform into ping-pong tables. Our favourite has to be the sixth floor, however, where a chic, contemporary restaurant overlooks the swimming pool and sprawling capital beyond.


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