Shrinking Offices Affect Productivity?

Shrinking Offices

The contemporary workplace is constantly changing, and one of the clearest indicators of this had been the amount of office space per employee.

In 1985, the average employee enjoyed a luxurious 400 square feet devoted to their work space. The average is now closer to 100 sq ft, and expected to drop as low as 85 sq ft in the next decade, according to the New York Times. But why is this trend continuing, and how is it affecting workers?

One of the most significant reasons for reducing office space is expenditure. It stands to reason that the lower the square footage that an employers need to secure per person, the lower the rental expenditure. And with rent being the second biggest outlay to most companies (after salary expenditure) it’s no surprise that they are looking for ways to limit spending. Technology is another large factor in individual work spaces getting smaller.

The size of our technology – hefty computer screens being replaced by tablets and laptops – means that essential items take up less space. With mobile devices enabling more people to work remotely, some companies only allocate specific desks to employees who are in the office full time.

‘Hot desking’ has become increasingly popular, as people demand flexible working space and are willing to compromise on size and operate a “nomadic existence”.

The final major reason for this change is office culture. More companies are embracing that collaboration between colleagues is good and set-ups like open office spaces helps encourage that. Huge companies like Google and Facebook at devoting time and money to designing spaces that make their employees more productive and innovative, opening them up to new ideas.

Whatever the reason, as average work space allotment changes, it’s time to consider the needs of your office and team. Shoreditch Office Space can help you find the perfect space for you.

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