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Three decades ago, offices in central London stretched out with a spacious average of 350 sq. ft per person. Today, the average is closer to 100 sq.ft and falling fast. Demand for space is driving landlords in East London to re-imagine their existing properties to new (and often starling) effect, in order to maximise the profitability of their buildings.

Churchill House

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When making decisions about your next office, there are a number of advantages to working with tenant-only representatives like Shoreditch Office Space.

The advantage of taking a lease (a rental agreement in excess of 12 months) on a property is that you can decide for yourself how much space your company needs. The nature of your business, whether or not you will be client-facing now or in the future, plans for expansion – these and many more considerations must be taken into account when deciding on your requirement.

At Shoreditch Office Space, our property consultants are experts in understanding the needs of your company and translating that into an office requirement. We take the time to sit down with every client and learn about their vision for the future, as well as their demands for the present. Once we understand the full picture, we can offer advice and guidance on navigating the difficult East London property market.

The diversity of our client list means we have helped a complete cross-section of companies, from start-ups to household names, find work space in Shoreditch. Whether you are looking to lease your first office, or buy a building in the heart of Tech City, Shoreditch Office Space can manage your search from start to finish, offering expert advice and guidance at every step of the way.

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