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Shoreditch Office Space are the leading commercial property agency and the No1 website for people looking for office space in Shoreditch.

We try and connect people to places. We don’t act for Landlords as our ethics and principles are forged in helping the community, companies and startups find the right space for them.

Rent Shoreditch Office Space - list vacant space on our site

Rent Shoreditch Office Space – list vacant space on our site

So if you have an office space to rent, then you can list it on our site for free. We won’t charge you a letting fee or take the standard percentage most platforms or agencies will. The reason we do this is that we are a tenant only agency, not an estate agency in the traditional sense.

Our listing service is only open to tenants who are looking to rent their space, and we are unable to list Landlord spaces directly. We do this to avoid a conflict of interest for our retained Leasing and Freehold acquisition clients. Sometimes we may write a blog about a Landlord’s space if it merits a mention or we think it could be a useful sign post for someone, to use as a reference point.

So if you have an office space to rent in Shoreditch, Tech City or East London and you think you’d benefit from listing it on our website please email with the details. We are only a small team, so if have a space to rent and you are in a hurry it’s going to be better to provide us with some text and photos, then we can simply edit it our end and post it up for you. This is not Craigs List or Gumtree, but it’s hopefully still a useful way of promoting your space.

Any questions please call David on 020 3434 3861