Work Space Optimisation: Are You Getting The Most From Your Office?

It is always a difficult decision to disrupt your day-to-day business by re-configuring or relocating your office, but the benefits can potentially far outweigh the risks.

Perception can be far from reality when you analyse your own space, and it is difficult to objectively evaluate a space you work in day after day. An office that feels over-crowded may only be at 50-60% capacity – you may just be managing the space in the wrong way, or the space available may be ill-fitting with your requirements of it.

As your company grows and the demands you place upon your office change, you may find that your office is no longing providing everything you need to maximise productivity. You may need larger meeting facilities, break out areas, private offices or dedicated reception facilities. Equally, you may find that you are not utilising your existing space to the best of your ability and paying for footage that you don’t use is an unnecessary expenditure.

Companies do not stand still. Your business is constantly changing and as a consequence of that, so too does the ideal office space to fit your requirements. Changing offices can be a massive transition, but functionality can be crucial if you are to continue maximise your potential. Many things can present stumbling blocks to your business’ development, but work space is one that can be avoided.

Whatever it is your business needs, talk to Shoreditch Office Space about your requirement and see how our services can help your company secure the ideal work space. We look forward to hearing from you.