4G Comes To Tech City

EE Switches On World’s Fastest Mobile Network In Tech City

Gone are the days of waving your phone aimlessly above your head or leaning perilously over a balcony in the vain attempt of securing a solitary bar of signal to send your email or text message.


EE, the UK’s most advanced digital communications company, today turned on the world’s fastest mobile network, offering 4G to its customers in East London’s Tech City. Selected partners will be chosen to trial the launch, with a broader rollout planned within 12 months.

Speeds of up to 300Mbps are accessible on 4G, compared to the average of 2Mbps on 3G. The launch will allow users to utilise new technologies like the wearable Google Glass, as well as engaging with real-time and high-speed video sites. Videos can be streamed at 20Mbps rather than the 3G 5Mbps – no more swirling loading circle!


The launch of 4G is expected to fundamentally change the way a number of businesses work, offering the speed of wired internet with the flexibility of wireless access. EE now provide access to 131 cities and towns around the UK, amounting to around 60% of the total population.

Connectivity continues to be a talking point for East London residents, with a number of occupiers struggling to access necessary internet speeds that facilitate top-end TMT operations. It is hoped that EE’s launch will facilitate greater connection speeds in the capital and promote further investment around Silicon Roundabout.

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