“Get off the phone – I need to use the Internet!”

A sentence that is increasingly unfamiliar to the new UK online generation, with superfast internet connections rolled out nationwide.

But in United States as many as 15% of the population, more than 46 million people, refuse to get attached to the World Wide Web. According to Pew Research Centre, the majority of these believe the internet is not relevant or are concerned by issues such as spam, spyware and hackers. Others, Shoreditch Office Space included, still believe the internet to be a ‘fad’, and look forward to the resurgence of Ceefax.

With less than 4 million complaining they lack access to the web, a whopping 42 million Americans cite expense, indifference and a variety of other reasons for not connecting. In a country that houses some of the world’s foremost technology centres, the statistics must make for concerning reading.

A major stumbling block for technological advancement around the world, connectivity has been a talking point this side of the Atlantic too. TechWorld.com journalist Sam Shead recently commented on the increasing number of disgruntled East London residents who are struggling with long wait times on securing internet access to new properties.

But the situation is certainly improving. Companies based near Silicon Roundabout like Optimity are working hard to network companies quickly and effectively, using innovative technologies to offer ultrafast connections without the hair-pulling delays. Lead times are going down, and businesses are getting up and running faster. Crucially, as a local company, they are able to react to changing demands as your business grows and changes.

In the meantime, let’s all be grateful that mum isn’t shouting up the stairs anymore.

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