Raspberry Pi Fills Marketplace

Launched in 2012, the Raspberry Pi is designed to be a low-cost tool for teaching basic computer skills.

Today, their Pencoed factory, based in South Wales, announced it had domestically produced its millionth unit, and that demand continued to grow across a variety of sectors.

The uses of the Raspberry Pi have gone far beyond the original intention of being a classroom tool for people wanting to learn about basic programming. It is now utilised for a complete range of uses – from pyrotechnic displays to beat boxes, catching poachers in sub-Saharan Africa to robotic boats crossing the Atlantic.

The home-grown tech talent relocated manufacturing of the product from China to the UK this year, passing the one million landmark this week. Its low-cost and seemingly limitless potential has made it hugely popular in developing countries, where there is insufficient power supply to accommodate most traditional PCs.

The vision of the company is admirable: to make “cheap, accessible, programmable computers” for everyone. Indeed, they actively encourage other companies to “clone what we’re doing” in order to make the technology more readily available.

The UK technology sector has flourished since the development of East London’s Tech City project. The skill cluster now attracts global interest and, with successes like Raspberry Pi chooses to manage their entire operation domestically, the future of the UK’s tech scene looks set to continue to flourish.

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