Tech London Advocates

London’s Tech Advocacy Group Issues Call To Arms

Sat in the event space at Level 39 this morning, a movement aimed at transforming the capital’s technology scene made a clear signal of intent: change is coming.

Tech London Advocates, spearheaded by Russ Shaw, has established a group of experts from across technology, finance, property and associated industries. And not since Band Aid 1984 was such an eclectic group gathered in a single room, so determined to make a difference.

Hosted in Eric van der Kleij’s fintech Canary Wharf accelerator, the TLA gathering was the second of its kind, the first having been hosted in the heart of Shoreditch at Central Working six months ago today. Since then, the group has more than doubled in sized and attracted the likes of Barclays, Microsoft and Seedcamp.

With the London skyline as its backdrop, the assembly felt far more like a pre-match pep talk than a traditional Tech City meeting. Compered by Oli Barrett (co-founder of Cospa), the room was treated to inspirational speeches by a variety of existing advocates including Dido Harding, CEO of Talk Talk, and Derek White, Chief Design Officer at Barclays, who turned the event into a veritable pep rally of tech-orientated enthusiasm.

The Tech London Advocates’ message is a simple one: what can we do to make London the centre for technological innovation across Europe, from North Africa to the Middle East?

No mean feat, but glancing around the room this morning, Russ Shaw has certainly assembled a team with the drive, ambition and resources to achieve it.

Working groups have already been established to focus on priority areas such as capital investment, women in tech and immigration. Other issues such as property and education have also been flagged as crucial factors in helping London’s tech scene develop into a leading global skill cluster.

Derek White left the group with a poignant warning about the most significant threat posed to big business in relation to the innovative start-up scene.

“Can we learn as fast as the world is changing?”

There is the potential for countless mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationships between entrepreneurs, start ups and the large, multinational corporations. Shoreditch Office Space are hugely excited to be part of the network helping to build London’s tech scene, and will keep you updated with our involvement in Tech London Advocates.

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