Tesco Team Up With Tech City Start-Up for Hudl

Tech-sco: Supermarket Giant Teams Up With Tech City Success Novoda

For the second time in a month, UK based Tesco have shown their belief in the Tech City project by teaming up with android experts Novoda to launch an entry level tablet.

The partnership with Novoda for production of the ‘Hudl’ tablet follows an announcement at the start of September, as Tesco joined forces with the co-working space Rainmaking Loft at St Katherine Docks. The commitment of an internationally recognised organisation, which began trading in Hackney more than a century ago, adds real weight to the Tech City project.

At £119, the Hudl will be positioned at the lower end of the tablet market, but Novoda’s attention to performance detail ensures a great shopping experience even on a budget device.. Having already worked with hugely successful start-ups like Songkick, Novoda have established a name for themselves that has attracted big brand attention.

Tesco’s Chief Marketing Officer, Matt Atkinson, spoke briefly about the Hudl and what it represents for the tablet marketplace. He outlined the reasoning behind Tesco’s decision to produce an entry-level device. “Everyone deserves a tablet…one that is affordable, colourful and accessible” – the Hudl will be available in four, equally exciting, colours.

Tesco faces stiff competition for tablet market share

It was recently announced that the Kindle Fire (Amazon’s own tablet that the Hudl hopes to rival) is currently being sold at close to cost with almost no profit margin. Amazon claim that money is made by offering other products and services once the tablet is purchased. But coming in at around £25 cheaper, Tesco are adamant that they can make the numbers work.

By entering the tablet marketplace and investing in Tech City start-ups as they have done, rumours have begun to circulate that Tesco may be considering a substantial move into the technology market. The tablet industry have exploded since the launch of the iPad a little over three years ago, and could represent a profitable niche should the Hudl sell in volume.

Novoda have an established relationship with Tesco, having already produced their user-friendly grocery app. The challenge will now be to convince the consumer that having a Tesco branded electronic device, however subtly done, is not a taboo. Shoreditch Office Space are happy to start the trend if Tesco want to send us one…

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