Seedcamp: Nurturing Success

Seedcamp: Nurturing success

Another week spent stumbling aimlessly around Shoreditch trying to meet everyone who stands still too long. Another chance to meet an incredible organisation who are reshaping the face of East London and start-up investment.

Seedcamp was established in 2007 as a way of connecting entrepreneurs with Europe’s best mentors who can provide invaluable advice to their young start-ups. From seed investors to journalists, product experts to lawyers, Seedcamp was able to provide instrumental networking opportunities to its members.

As an early-stage seed investor, Seedcamp provide far more than just financial backing to the companies it takes in. The process of successfully joining Seedcamp’s impressive portfolio of investments is not an easy one. Start-ups attend a week-long event designed to put the companies through their paces.

Each day is packed with mentoring workshops designed to test coherent business models, as well as exposing the next generation of start-ups to the current generation of market leaders. This process of ‘supercharging’ leaves very little time for sleep, and tends to separate the wheat from the chaff.

At the end of the week-long camp, survivors pitch the fruits of their labour to a room of investors and stakeholders. Those that make the grade received around €50,000 investment in return for 8-10% equity, as well as the highly prized opportunity to spend around 3 months in the Shoreditch-based Seedcamp Campus. It is here that they benefit from intensive networking opportunities and access to the group’s fantastic London facilities, alongside a US road trip and ‘Founders Pack’ that provides everything a young start-up could need.

The Seedcamp programme is not for the faint-hearted start-up. At any one time, Seedcamp’s Shoreditch space houses around half a dozen start-up teams, each busily building their business in a hive of activity. A 4-week tour of the US to meet trans-Atlantic counterparts is squeezed into a year-long programme of networking, mentoring and business development.

Stay updated on your chance to apply to Seedcamp, so you know when it’s time to get your start-up into the most desirable early-stage investor in the UK! With applications flying in from all over the globe, Shoreditch Office Space are excited to see what’s next for Seedcamp and the exciting companies it’s helping to grow!

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