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Shoreditch Office Space was founded in 2012 to help tenants secure their ideal work spaces in and around Shoreditch. As East London’s premier tenant-only representatives, we work exclusively on behalf of our clients to manage every aspect of their office search.

Shoreditch and the surrounding areas are increasingly sought after locations for a variety of companies, and this has made East London a landlords’ market. This puts the prospective tenants at a huge disadvantage. With an average of six prospective residents for each space, landlords are able to hike prices and demand favourable leases that leave tenants vulnerable.



Traditional brokers and agents work on behalf of property owners to find clients to fill a space. The emphasis is on filling the space, rather than finding the right space for the tenant.

Shoreditch Office Space is different.

We work independently, meaning we are able to work with every broker, agent, landlord and building in East London to find you the perfect space. Unlike traditional brokers or agents, we will take the time to sit down with our clients.

We learn about you, your business and your vision for the future. We develop a complete understanding of your requirement and, armed with this information, use our extensive property network to locate the options that best suit your search.

Once we’ve worked alongside you to identify a property our client wants, Shoreditch Office Space can go to war on their behalf. We will negotiate to ensure you get the best possible deal on the work space, helping to draft tenant-friendly leases that avoid you facing unexpected costs further down the line.

For more information on the services that Shoreditch Office Space provides to our clients, and how we can help with your next property search, please contact us at:

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