The Albion café on Boundary street

Counter Albion CaféProbably the only benefit of the rain that finished off our viewing tour of some crazy spaces yesterday afternoon was our ability to seek refuge in the new Coffee Shop run by the good folk at Albion. It’s been a while since we’ve been there, actually not since the previous guys decided to shut up shop (miss the beautiful dog).

Counter Albion Café my picAfter double checking it was in fact reopen, we piled in and was greeted by an extremely modest and comfortable looking lounge and decided we would get a coffee and relax until the rain passed.  Seduced by the countertop of fresh food, this coffee turned into a rather tasty snack and an extended stay, one which we would highly recommend.

We shared a raw vegetable salad (freshly made) and treated ourselves to a delicious Mocha to warm our stomachs. Pulling ourselves two quaint seats by the window, we admired the charm and tranquillity the café offered. After ordering an additional toastie, the rain had subsided and we made our way back to HQ. It’s lucky that on a rainy day Shoreditch always has an enchanting café like the Albion to shelter in, then again,an umbrella may be a cheaper option.