Is the Tea Building Still Shoreditch’s Dream Office?

When Derwent London purchased the Tea Building in 2001 it sparked the beginning of change in east London. The forward thinking developers saw in the Tea Building a chance to create office space in which companies could imprint their own creative identity on to. Through simple refurbishment, Derwent London were able to offer large open spaces to clients who were in need of cheap office space that could be customised to match their businesses image.


The Iconic Tea Building, Shoreditch

The building, an industrial 20th century warehouse once occupied by the Lipton Tea Factory, is now an iconic Shoreditch landmark, home to many of the successful technology and media companies that have made Shoreditch what it is today. Advertising agency Mother were one of the first big names to move into the Tea Building, singling out the property for their headquarters almost 13 years ago. Since then they’ve been joined by a vibrant collective of creative companies, all who have been enticed by the buildings quality office space and unique allure.

15 years on from Derwent London’s radical reinvention and the Tea Building’s status as the ‘dream Shoreditch office’ is still in tact. What has happened in the interim however, is a successful mimicking of the buildings success across vast parts of east London. Now businesses have a multitude of high quality office options to chose from, each one as different as the next. The biggest issue with the latest office developments to hit the market however is their lack of authenticity, something that the Tea Building will never loose. 

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