The Importance of Sector Specific Workplaces

Shared office spaces are constantly evolving. In just the last decade we have seen the the shared workplace environment grow and change, developing into a fundamental tool in many businesses workspace strategies.

With technology providing the encouragement, serviced office and coworking providers have experimented with different workspace formulas, aiming to perfect the ultimate working environment. 

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One of the most appealing aspects of the serviced or shared office when it first became popular was its generalist nature and its diverse array of occupants.  

There are many benefits of having people from a multitude of industries working alongside each other, especially for collaboration purposes, however sector specific workplaces are now becoming an integral part of the progress of the shared workplace market.

Sector Specific Workplaces

The idea of having 50 companies all working in the health sector based in the same building is one with a lot of potential. If sector specific workplaces were fully invested in you could begin to see buildings entirely devoted to certain industries and therefore tailor made to suit the needs of the companies in these industries.

Huckletree Shoreditch

Community is often the primary goal of shared workspaces and with like minded companies rubbing shoulders day to day a truly authentic community could be achieved.  

Over the last few years we have seen the rise of tech, media and even finance driven hubs and these specialist workspaces have been met with great enthusiasm  and success.

Albert House

Going forward we expect to see more industry led, sector specific workspaces in London, directed at a wider range of industries.

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