Google Campus

The ‘Tech Mecca’ (…Tecca?)

It all started with Google Campus in the heart of Tech City in London.

Google opened the doors of Campus London in Spring 2012, and has proceeded to live up to its ambition of “filling this town with start-ups”. It has become, without a doubt, the iconic Tech City location, and an cornerstone of the London tech scene.

Central Working run a fantastic cafe on the lower ground floor, serving a variety of sandwiches, freshly brewed coffee, beer and other brain fuel. Prices are largely to be expected – neither cheap nor expensive.

In terms of work space there are a series of rather basic benches where people camp out on the Lower Ground floor. It suits people who really can’t afford to rent a desk, or who haven’t made enough friends to become an office squatter. Some things to consider:

  • Limited access to power sockets – the best seats and the ones to go quickest are the ones near the plugs.
  • In essence you’re working in a cafe…but without any issues surrounding not buying a coffee.
  • Google are no where to be found most of the time (which could be considered a good thing).
  • The meet up and job board is essential reading.
  • Free ‘Out of Date’ library books
  • Events will over spill in the Lower Ground floor space making it crowded.
  • It opens at 9 am (although they are currently trialing new opening times)
  • There is some great outdoor space (now including table tennis)
  • Patchy phone reception on the Lower Ground floor space
  • Its very socialable and you always tend to bump into someone you know
  • There are other options beyond the Lower ground floor to rent co-working space.

The building itself has several floors which have different functions. Most people will only ever get to the Lower Ground floor or Ground floor areas which are kinda of public access zones. Upstairs you have Seedcamp, TechHub and Central Working.

The best aspects of Google Campus are available for members with further info available on their website, and it’s fairly easy to become a member.

If you want an event or coworking space then please contact us.

Google Campus 2

Shoreditch Event Space – Google Campus

Google Campus 3

Coworking Office Space at Google Campus

Google Campus 4

Phone Booths at Google Campus London – Shoreditch Office Space

Google Campus 5

Our friends, Jump Studios, designed the fantastic interior at Google Campus



































For the sake of Clarification Shoreditch Office Space is not Google Campus and this page is for information only. 


















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