Shared Workspace in Shoreditch – How to find the desk for you

This year Shoreditch has seen a boom of shared working environments, with more new centers opening their doors than ever before.

Often these spaces start off the back of a company causally starting to let spare desks  which are not being used. It is a great way to subsidise your own rent, and then after a while these part time landlords decide that this is a viable income stream and in some instances becomes their primary activity.

Office Space in Shoreditch

These co-working spaces have been fueled by the success of Tech City and the increased demand for cost effective and well located offices. The biggest story of the year is with out a doubt the opening of Google London Campus which is a blend of coffee shop, events and office space. Existing Landlord’s such as The Brew and Hoxton Mix have expanded their operations with new openings and several one center providers have new sites under consideration.

Desk spaces can be secured normally for around £250 per month + VAT, and this will include most things, but ask these questions to see whether a center has the right desk for you:

Q1: If you’re a heavy phone user – can you walk and talk? (some places are like libraries which could be a good thing depending on your needs)

Q2: Do you allow pets? be aware of smells.

Q3: Does your Internet work better than your average coffee shop, don’t take speed for granted

Q4: Are there other useful services offered? i.e. mail handling, call answering, meeting rooms.

Q5: Does the landlord appear to know what they are doing? Why pay for sloppy service.

If you are thinking of renting shared desk space in Shoreditch then get in contact with the only independent voice in the area, and we’ll set you on the right path.


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