Is Haggerson the New Shoreditch? Shoreditch Office Space

Now that rents in Shoreditch are officially out of control, where do all the hipsters go?

Well a new development in Haggerston could be the answer. 10 minutes away from Shoreditch Station opposite The Tea Building Shoreditch Office Space have identified an office development at Wenlock Basin.

Availability from 1000 sq ft upwards.

Sure, a few years back you’d have to be really brave to head over to Haggerson for an office search, and even today it’s not really a fully developed office market. But with the benefit of the Canal and Wharf type developments Wenlock Basin is an up and coming area. And at an estimated

Not Shoreditch, but great value offices to Let at Wenlock Basin in Haggerson.

£14.50 per sq ft there is now a compelling reason to go and check it out.

Please contact Shoreditch Office Space to discuss you office space needs.

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