Will 2014 be the year Rents in Shoreditch Hit £50.00 per sq ft

Shoreditch Office Space is a tenant only commercial property consultancy based in the centre of Shoreditch. We’ve been concerned over the last few months that rents in the heart of Shoreditch have risen faster than ever before. Whilst sitting around the office trying to predict what 2014 will hold we’ve been contacted by several people asking whether we have any clients looking for premium space in the heart of Shoreditch. We said yes, but then were asked the question whether they’d pay £50.00 per sq ft. At this point we fell off our chair and almost put the phone down. But in all seriousness, the £50.00 per sq ft barrier has been breached in Clerkenwell and the Landlords of Shoreditch will be aware of this.


Our conclusion, there never been a more easy time to over pay for a building and never a better time to get represented. We’ve decided to conduct some research on the impact of rental growth on the Tech and Start Up scene in the coming months. So please come back to our blog to read our opinions and the impact it may have on the market.

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