EC2 Shoreditch Office Space To rent – Old Street -1400 sqft Approx

At Shoreditch Office Space, our team of expert property consultants are always out scouring the streets of East London looking for new and exciting spaces. This is an example of something we came across on our travels…

This five story office building currently has space available to rent on the ground floor. This office space has big windows that allow ample natural light and many other benefits such as its own reception, car parking and security system.

February 14th Image

Located on Curtain Road, this booming section of south Shoreditch is never too far away from anything that you need, with fantastic access to public transport as well as a superb amount of coffee shops, bars, restaurants, cafes and the busy street life of Shoreditch on your door stop.

We don’t let buildings we help people find and secure them. So if you are looking for an office space like this in Shoreditch, or would like to learn more about the services we provide to our clients, please contact