Is Kings Cross the new Shoreditch ?

Someone phoned up this week and asked is Shoreditch Still Shoreditch and is Kings Cross Shoreditch. Very confusing ! To which we answered well is Kings Cross still Kings Cross, and so it went on. But the moral of this post is that Kings Cross has become an extension of Tech City, in fact some would argue that it’s got as much big tech companies going on as Shoreditch. Why is this? well lots of land available for building has seen the developer Argent able to tempt the likes of Google to the area.

It’s been reported that Amazon are considering a major relocation to Shoreditch, but whether they are as important in Technology circles as Google are is very subjective. None the Less for London to be considered as an appropriate European home for these great companies is important.

So lets look at the difference between Kings Cross and Shoreditch from an office searcher point of view.


Well Rents are similar £45-£50.00 per sq ft for the best space.


Kings Cross probably has a greater propotion of Grade A office buildings, where as Shoreditch tends to make do with some less glamourour buildings, but great all the same.


In Shoreditch the owners of Freehold offices property are often individual investors, or businesses which have bought themselves a building many years ago. In kings Cross you have a slighly tighter ownership, simply because the railway dominated this area for so long.

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