Croydon Tech City – How scared should Shoreditch Be?

Croydon Council has been hosting a competition recently to help build Croydon Tech City to find a co-working partner to help them foster a start up culture in the town. They have earmarked a building from their portfolio which will be transformed into a hub of ideas, enterprise and commerce – or at least that’s the idea.

Can Co-working in Croydon help the town's Tech City Credentials?

Can Co-working in Croydon help the town’s Tech City Credentials?

For those co-working landlords lucky enough to be selected for the beauty parade it presents a dream opportunity to become a pivotal player in this emerging destination or rebel outpost depending on who you speak to.

So will the injection of co-working into Croydon Tech City be the catalyst for a sustained increase in start ups choosing Croydon Offices rather than Shoreditch?

Well from a cost point of view Croydon is better suited to start ups. Shoreditch desk prices are averaging £350.00 per desk per month, with some co-working landlords seeking £600.00 per desk per month. However from a pure transport or cool factor there can only be one winner!

But in our biased opinion Shoreditch offices provide better value for money when you take into account every thing you have on our doorstep and the access to the already established eco-system of funding, collaboration and coffee.

Shoreditch was a natural place for start ups to congregate in the early beginnings of the Tech City initiative. The government further endorsed what was already happening in the area with its Tech City Investment Organisation which created various cheerleaders and advocates.

Some Shoreditch advocates believe that Croydon is trying to force the issue and artificially create something and it won’t work. However just consider the success of Canary Wharf, where as once upon a time the City of London was in the same position of Shoreditch. Both clearly now co-exist and remain wholly relevant.

So we wish the Croydon co-working centre every success and we’ll monitor the availability of affordable office space given the amount of enquiries we get for cost conscious tenants seemingly becoming frustrated with the price increase in the City Fringe.

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