Shoreditch Offices to Rent are better painted black?

Walking around East London, as we tend to do in our line of work looking for Shoreditch offices to rent we have noticed a trend emerge over the past few years for building owners to paint their building black.

Why is this happening, is it for environmental reasons? is it to keep hipsters happy, or is it simply to disguise ugly buildings? Well there is not much research on the subject, but the general view in the office is that it’s like a disguise. Or an instant way to reposition a building from an 1960s City fringe office building to an East London former industrial building in the heart of Shoreditch.

Paint it Black ?

Paint it Black ?

Actually we don’t mind this trend. Buildings that have been painted black have actually benefitted from this treatment is our general opinion. Both in terms of the tenants that they have been able to attract and also the more floor space being created the better. We asked a couple of leading local Landlord’s what they thought – the response was “well the architect thought it would be a good idea” and also “do you remember how the building used to look ?”

Last week before eating too many easter eggs we were wandering around Stratford and saw a few examples down there as well. And lets not forget the Black and White building on Rivington Street which provides serviced offices to rent.

So feel free to take a photo of any buildings painted black on your travels send it to us via twitter #shoreditchspace #shoreditchoffices

If you are looking for Shoreditch offices to rent in in a building painted black (or not) then please feel free to call the office and we’ll be able to help. We have lots of experience 020 3434 3860. Or email