The advantages of joining a coworking space in London

Coworking space London

A breakout space at this East London coworking space

As someone who has done the freelancer thing, I know about the advantages of working from home. The time, money and stress you save not commuting by train everyday, the freedom to rearrange your working schedule to fit around any appointments or errands you might have during the day and not having to deal with office politics. For many people it gives them more freedom to combine work with looking after a young family, or making sure an elderly relative always has company (or in my case, my little dog Missie).

But there are downsides to working from home as well. Some people find it very difficult to switch off from their job, especially if they are self employed or running their own business. Others find it hard to keep or focused, with the distraction of the TV being right by, or household chores that are yet to be done, nagging at them all day.

At Shoreditch Office Space we help freelancers, small business owners and entrepreneurs find coworking space in London’s Shoreditch, including areas like Tech City, Hoxton, and Spitalfields. With each client we consult, we learn more about what they’re looking for and can see why coworking space, in London and elsewhere is becoming a phenomenon.

What is a Coworking Space?

Shoreditch office space

Wenlock Road development, a shared office space in London’s Tech City

Whilst most office spaces are hired by a single occupier, a coworking space is occupied by multiple members, mostly individuals or small startup teams, who pay a monthly membership fee to have a desk space and use the facilities of the coworking space. With the internet making working remotely more accessible and the last recession causing people to seek more flexible working options, coworking spaces in London and elsewhere have become a more popular option. High profile coworking spaces in London like the Google Campus, Shoreditch and The Rainmaking Loft near London’s St Katherine’s Dock have also raised awareness of coworking in London and elsewhere. Indeed a recent study by Workplace Insight found that coworking is shaking up the London commercial property market. There are now over 1000 coworking spaces in London, totalling 5% of the market.

What are the Advantages of Coworking?

Coworking building

An attractive coworking space near London’s Liverpool Street and Moorgate

There are many advantages of working in a coworking space in London or elsewhere. First of all, you will avoid the isolation that people who work from home often find themselves experiencing. Away from the home, many professionals who work in a coworking environment find themselves less distracted and more focused on their work. What’s more, although you may be working on different projects, by choosing a coworking space in London you will get the opportunity to work with other freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners in an innovative environment where you can bounce ideas off each other and gain essential contacts.

Office dog

Working at home, can be lonely and sometimes the company isn’t as engaging as one would want….

A coworking office also allows you to maintain a more professional image. If you regularly meet business partners and clients in person, not having a commercial premises can be a source of stress. If you work from home, you may want to keep certain personal and professional boundaries upheld. Meeting in a coffee shop is another option but you may encounter several disruptive factors that are outside of your control. Coworking spaces supply their occupiers with meeting room facilities and many also have informal breakout areas as well. Not only will having a proper premises of work create a good impression on your clients, you will also find your meetings are less interrupted.

Finally, the facilities of a coworking space in London or elsewhere are what you should expect from any other office environment. As well as getting a set desk, IT and telecommunication solutions including internet connection, office furniture, a reception desk and security services will all be provided.

Essentially, coworking offices allow you to maintain all of the flexibility of working from home, without having the drawbacks. You can still set your own hours, be your own boss and wear trainers to work everyday if you want to. However, being a professional environment you also benefit from a motivational working space with great facilities to take advantage of. If I can find a place that will let me bring Missie to work every day, sign me up.

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