6 Signs your Start-up needs to start renting space


Due to increasing rents in London, keeping your start-up running from home can seem like a great idea. But there comes a time in every start-up’s journey when working from home just wont cut it any more. Here are 6 signs that your start-up needs to leave the comfort of home for the next big adventure:

  1. You need to Impress

It’s all well and good working from your sofa when your team is starting out, but what about when you have to start impressing people? Whether it’s an investor, a big client or even a collaborator, your sofa or local coffee shop doesn’t always give off the impression you need. And although you can always rent a meeting room, nothing is more professional than your own space.


  1. Collaboration is becoming important

There comes a certain point in every start-ups life when the need for collaboration becomes obvious. We’re not saying it is vital for every business, but simple networking can go a long way to boost a new brand. At present we can’t even count the amount of fantastic opportunities there are for co-working in London, and at very reasonable prices, there are no excuses not to pack up that home office and make the next step.

  1. Lack of productivity

Although many people agree they work better from home, it’s often said there are too many distractions. It has been argued that working environments have a much bigger impact on people, and provide inspiration that otherwise may be lacking working from your sofa.

Shoreditch Office space productivity

  1. The idea of ‘work’ and ‘home’ have become way too blurred

One of the complaints we often hear when helping freelancers find space is that they find it hard to switch off from ‘work mode’. When your home is also your workspace it begins to be hard to differentiate between the two. For a healthy lifestyle and a healthy business it is vital you have a clear divide and are able to step out of the office every once in a while…something that’s incredible difficult if your office doubles up as your home.

  1. You’re a household name in your local coffee shop

While there’s nothing wrong with frequenting the local Pret, sometimes it can be overkill. Seeing the same four walls day in day out can be damaging for your imagination and you spirit.

Shoreditch office space coffee

  1. You need that next big step

From working with countless amounts of start-ups from their beginnings to their peaks we know just how important making the difficult choice to find space can be, but it can truly work wonders for the company. It’s true that moving to a fixed space can often be daunting, but with the wealth of flexible spaces currently available there is no time like the present to make the big leap.

How Shoreditch Office Space can help

If you are a start-up and are thinking you may be in need of flexible space we are on hand to help. We have unrivalled experience in Shoreditch and have contacts across the whole of London. You can email Maya at sales@reesa.com or call us directly on 020 3434 3860 to discuss your requirements.