Why are creative office spaces in Shoreditch so hard to find and secure?

If you are looking for an office in Shoreditch and like Bono you still haven’t found what you are looking for, then you are not alone. Wannabe tenants of Shoreditch are finding it increasingly more difficult to find and secure their ideal office solution i..e creative office spaces in Shoreditch.


Creative Office Spaces in Shoreditch are hard to Find

On the office market weighing scales demand is outweighing supply and this means that your business can feel a bit like Auroras Encore, the winning horse at the Grand National last weekend, who was first past the post at 66-1. With all the tenants of Shoreditch generally racing towards the same type of creative space, your chances of finding and securing your preferred office once found can make you feel like an underdog. Offices to let on the open market are generally going to best bids on every occasion for this reason. It has been suggested that finding an office in Shoreditch is 90% harder than finding an office anywhere else in London. This time consuming exercise affects start-up businesses the most because often it is their first entry into what has become the race to take the right space.

The majority of tenants that we help on this journey value our intimate knowledge of the local “off market” availability the most. This can be an attractive shortcut to the finish line because you are securing an office before it is even listed on the open market.

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