Tech City – The Global League Table – Britain Promoted

Its official, the United Kingdom has now been deemed a top ten destination for tech on the planet. The team at Shoreditch Office Space was delighted to see our meteoric rise up the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s global rankings to seventh, on their prestigious league table of technology development. To put this in perspective the UK now ranks ahead of the US and we believe that this success story emanates from the rise of London’s Tech City, its strategic stewardship by Joanna Shields, and the colossus investment in London’s infrastructure to build a scalable tech cluster that will lead our economy for the next half century. Google Campus 3 As property experts we have had front row tickets to what has become the hottest show of talent, entrepreneurialism, and innovation in the world. Because of this the Shoreditch office market is enjoying record levels of demand, with shared office solutions and 750-1500 sqft office units proving to be the most popular. The supply chain for these smaller units is picking up fast and this is a necessity for East London in the short term. With the medium to long term picture looking bright for both commercial and residential developments in the area, the battleground for tenants will shift from one of availability in 2013/14, to one of affordability in 2015/16. With the UK’s tech scene now turning heads around the world, it is vital that we do not get complacent about our standing in this new global era for tech. Despite our progress we are still lagging behind nations such as first-placed Finland, Sweden, and the Netherlands, all of which are seeing their successful education policies and initiatives that they have implemented over the last decade now coming to fruition as their graduates lead the way in the European job market. Joanna Shields and her team of A players should be proud of their achievements at the end of her first quarter at the helm. And I am sure we  are speaking for all of the tenants in Tech City when we say that we are really excited to see what she does next, as they launch their new office, and implement their plans for growth and investment over the next 12 months. Contact if you would like information on our office search services throughout Tech City