Shoreditch Office Space – wary of over pricing

Shoreditch Office Space are based in the center of Shoreditch, just above the paint shop. These sunny days we are lucky enough to be able to open our windows and go out on to our roof terrace. Lauren popped out today and came back wearing the biggest pair of sunglasses we’ve seen since Cheryl Cole started to work it but the thing with our office is that noise levels seem to have gone through the roof. It seems to be a bit leery out on the streets all of a sudden, loads of sirens zooming past every hour it seems. If only the Police were as stylish as they used to be:

police allegro










In between sunglasses and sirens we have been busy searching the market for new and exciting options.

A couple of our fav’s:

900 sq ft Jacks Place

600 sq ft Holywell Road

300 sq ft Shoreditch High Street

2500 sq ft Scrutton Street

5000 sq ft Old Street

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