Tech City Office Space – What’s Up?

Tech City has been around for a while now and demand for Tech City office Space has been constant because of it’s success. In 2014 some companies who were part of the new generation hailed by the Conservative Government as Britian’s answer to Silicon Valley are now struggling to adapt to the tag “start up”. But like anything based on good intentions it doesn’t matter whether you are ten days old or ten years old, only that you want to be part of something bigger than already exists.

January 25th Image

In terms of Office Space, Tech City has had a major impact. Some purists will moan about rents increasing, but this is a London wide factor and not isolated to Shoreditch. On that note, rents have increased from £20 – £40 in the space of 3 years, so people have had to adjust. However we’ve been dealing with rents in the £40s for about 12 months ago so we are not experiencing the upper shock when someone steps back into the market after a Lease agreement and throughs a hissy when a letting agent starts his or her patter.

Kings Cross, Islington and Farringdon are very much part of the Tech City scene, but Old Street remains the focus point. Demand for office space has been strong over the last few months, and as we predicted a year ago at one of our events.

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