Startup Offices Shoreditch

For the last 18 months the Shoreditch Office Space office has been answering enquiries from new companies looking for startup offices Shoreditch or a nearby area. We take pride in our no nonsense approach to helping people who’ve never moved office before. It’s with this style that we’ve been able to assist in starting off some of the areas most interesting companies and

We hear your complaints about how difficult and frustrating it is to find office space in Shoreditch and East London when you are a start up. Which is why Shoreditch Office Space was set up in the first place, really we are a start up ourselves, and although we know what we are doing, we’ve been on the same journey as you. which means we’re here to help. Our role in the search process is to cut back some of jargon and smoke and mirrors which get in the way of searching and securing an office. Its very simple, and dates back to our earliest blogs in 2012, we just want to connect people with places, at a price they can afford.

Startup Offices Shoreditch

Startup Offices Shoreditch

Commercial Property is about expertise and more importantly knowledge and having your finger on pulse. More often and not during 2014 we have secured offices for people off market, and in buildings they thought were out of reach or simply not on their radar.

We have produced a free guide for coworking in the in the area, which allow companies to go direct to the host’s building. By doing this you can avoid a 10% agent fee that an internet broker would normally apply for advertising a coworking set up. When you are paying £250 – £450 per desk per month a little extra in your pocket each month will help the coffee fund available.

Otherwise people looking for a private startup shoreditch office will find the best solution a serviced office. Shoreditch Office Space deal with all the serviced offices in the area and keep an up to date inventory of what is available and what is coming available.

So please call the office on 020 3434 3860 or email

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