Second Home – the new Google Campus ? Maybe…

Second Home is a new co-working focused building soon to open at 68 Hanbury St London. It’s going to be one of the biggest co-working spaces aimed at startups in Shoreditch, and is being unveiled with a carefully constructed build up of excitement and anticipation. Before the refurbishment started the empty shell was adapted to an events space, attracting interest from Dazed & Confused, and music artist such as FKA Twigs.

Second Home Shoreditch Startup heaven

Second Home Shoreditch Startup heaven

In the same way that Google Campus opened its doors on Bonhill Street, Second Home could have a magnetic pull of people to the area around Brick Lane which so far has not attracted too much attention from the Tech startups. Before Google put their flag down in Bonhill Street, there wasn’t much reason to hang out there, but it some became a beacon of hope for the fast growing Tech City. Time will tell whether Second Home will have the same importance or relevance, but it’s marketing and partnerships seem to be making an attempt to be more than co-working.

Becoming a member or tenant of Second Home is going to be restricted by a referral program, although further details may be available on the official website. So if you are looking for an office space to base your startup, it may not be as straight forward as other places. A bit like Tech Hub who are also about to launch a new space, the ambition of these places is to attract like minded individuals.

We expect the look and feel of Second Home will be on trend for Shoreditch and will offer much of what is expected from a co-working space in this competitive market place. Google Campus used the local award winning architect Simon Jordon of Jump Studios where as Second Home has instructed Selgas Cano.

Companies backing and involved with Second Home include Survey Monkey, Blue State Digital, Task Rabbit and General Assembly – also creative agencies fueled, visualise and innovators like Chin Easy and Covert Designs. In additional Santander have based involved their new Fintech £100m fund which can be seen as a potential snub to Canary Wharf’s Fintech Cluster.

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