New Shoreditch office space Coming

So January has been a struggle for many getting back in to the flow of work but also in their search for Shoreditch office space, after the festive period. The sight of abandoned Christmas trees on the streets of Hackney and across East London was a familiar sight on our various excursions from the warmth of the office.


We’ve also seen that some street artists have taken advantage of less people being around and have been busy creating some new pieces – although we’ve not seen anything too special yet.

In terms of the office space in Shoreditch. Demand has picked up from where it left off at the end of 2014. Relentless. The main frustration for many people looking for office space last year was simply the lack of it. This led some of our cleints to consider locations such as Whitechapel, Hackney Wick and deeper into East London as attractive options. Especially when you consider the difference in rent.

Many of the requests for space that we’ve had this week have been from Start ups and companies looking to take their first proper office space in Shoreditch. So we thought it would be useful to do a ring around on behalf of our tenant clients to all of the Landlords to see what was available and also what is coming up.

We have a number of exciting opportunities coming shortly:

  • 1,200 sq ft sublease near Whitecross Market
  • 1000 sq ft sublease near Whitecross Market
  • 15,000 sq ft refurbishment opportunity close to the Tea Building
  • 9,500 sq ft single floor in need of refurbishment
  • 35,000 sq ft development site close to Hanbury Street
  • 12 person serviced office suite for £4000.00 per month
  • Two new serviced office buildings opening in the next six weeks.

These are just some of the things that we have picked up on our travels. So if you want to discuss your property options with a property consultant at Shoreditch Office Space please call the office on 020 3434 3860 or email