Dalston Office Space – What to know

Looking for Dalston office space in East London and can’t afford Shoreditch, or perhaps you prefer to be away from the the centre of things?

Well if that is the case then Dalston could well be an option for you…. it’s only a few bus stops from Shoreditch up the Kingsland Road. We normally get off at Laburnum street Street, which is close to Orsman Road and the canal. At this stop you are not quite at Dalston but also you are not really in Shoreditch. It’s a classic in-between location. But what you will find is a collection of commercial properties close to the Kingsland Road that start here as you walk north towards Dalston Junction.

Shoreditch Office Space have recently helped a few companies find and secure office space in Dalston – the search for suitable properties does not always through up lots of options, but the viable ones that do appear can be very interesting. Around the canal it is possible to pick out a few choice buildings, former warehouses that would have served the waterway provide classic urban visions.

In many ways the opportunity to find great creative office spaces has been dampened by the residential developers getting their first. For at lease 7 years this area has been up and coming from a living point of view.

De Beauvoir Square has been popular for many years but property prices have risen with very little actual market transactions.

There is no doubt that a more hardened East London crowd occupy office space in Dalston – not only attracted by rents under £35.00 per sq ft per annum exclusive but also those happy not to be on a tube line or within walking distance of an underground station. The London overground service is good, with Haggerson and Dalston Junction stations nearest.

If you would like to discuss how Shoreditch Office Space can help you find and secure offices in Dalston or across East London then please contact the office on 020 3434 3860.