Looking for 12,000 sqft of office space in Shoreditch?


Looking for 12,000 sqft of office space in Shoreditch? 62,000 sqft of refurbished office space will be flooding the City fringe / Shoreditch market just south of Silicon Roundabout on City road.

The average floor plates available when the refurb works complete in June are around 12,000 sqft, meaning they are highly desirable for fast growth scale-ups seeking to accommodate prime tech space for anywhere between 80 and 120 workers per floor. Work is also nearing completion on the new fourth floor expansion which will be more along the lines of 10,000 sqft and will boast floor to ceiling windows.

In a past life the building was a carpet factory however it is highly likely that in the coming weeks ahead this old classic will be home to some of the most exciting creative industries in the world, as the holy tech pilgrimage of Shoreditch continues with fast growth occupiers from all four corners of London, the UK and abroad wanting to join the Tech City revolution.

 So if you are looking for an efficient, flexible contemporary space within a hop skip and a jump away from Old Street, Moorgate, and Liverpool Street stations, then this building might just be worth further investigation for you and your business.

Here at Shoreditch Office Space we find and secure office spaces such as this for our clients. We came across this opportunity on our travels and we are just so pleased for the area that its new availability will soon be online. The floors offer superb natural light and would be perfect for a company seeking a large open plan work space separated only with glass partitioning in areas to create meeting rooms and break out areas…

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about your search or upcoming buildings that might be viable for you and your business. We help one man bands, startups, scale-ups, and some of the largest occupiers in East London with their property decisions.


Shoreditch Offices to Rent are better painted black?

Walking around East London, as we tend to do in our line of work looking for Shoreditch offices to rent we have noticed a trend emerge over the past few years for building owners to paint their building black.

Why is this happening, is it for environmental reasons? is it to keep hipsters happy, or is it simply to disguise ugly buildings? Well there is not much research on the subject, but the general view in the office is that it’s like a disguise. Or an instant way to reposition a building from an 1960s City fringe office building to an East London former industrial building in the heart of Shoreditch.

Paint it Black ?

Paint it Black ?

Actually we don’t mind this trend. Buildings that have been painted black have actually benefitted from this treatment is our general opinion. Both in terms of the tenants that they have been able to attract and also the more floor space being created the better. We asked a couple of leading local Landlord’s what they thought – the response was “well the architect thought it would be a good idea” and also “do you remember how the building used to look ?”

Last week before eating too many easter eggs we were wandering around Stratford and saw a few examples down there as well. And lets not forget the Black and White building on Rivington Street which provides serviced offices to rent.

So feel free to take a photo of any buildings painted black on your travels send it to us via twitter #shoreditchspace #shoreditchoffices

If you are looking for Shoreditch offices to rent in in a building painted black (or not) then please feel free to call the office and we’ll be able to help. We have lots of experience 020 3434 3860. Or email sales@reesa.com



New warehouse space available at London Fields, Hackney, E8

New warehouse space available at London Fields, Hackney, E8. If you are in the market for creative warehouse space in East London then look no further. There is now eight new studios on the market at London Fields in Hackney over 7,500 sqft on the first floor of a converted warehouse.


The landlord will be conducting refurbishment works over the coming days and there is an exciting opportunity for new occupiers to have an input on what works are done to their new studio space. Whether you are a startup, fashion designer or charity this charming creative space encapsulates the Hackney community and appeals to every flavour of occupier prepared to be based at London Fields, rather than other more prime Tech City areas such as Old Street and the Shoreditch triangle. One of the reasons that rents in these prime areas have been rocketing in recent years is due to the undeniably poor supply of creative space, such as warehouse conversions and new studios with exposed brick walls and vaulted ceilings, so when they do become available landlords are charging a hefty premium.


However, with the quoting rent in the mid to late £20’s per square foot, we are expecting demand for studios at this warehouse to be strong. If you would like to organise a viewing to see the building and to meet the landlord in person to discuss their plans for refurbishing the space, then please email sales@reesa.com quoting reference HOCE8.



Dalston Office Space – What to know

Looking for Dalston office space in East London and can’t afford Shoreditch, or perhaps you prefer to be away from the the centre of things?

Well if that is the case then Dalston could well be an option for you…. it’s only a few bus stops from Shoreditch up the Kingsland Road. We normally get off at Laburnum street Street, which is close to Orsman Road and the canal. At this stop you are not quite at Dalston but also you are not really in Shoreditch. It’s a classic in-between location. But what you will find is a collection of commercial properties close to the Kingsland Road that start here as you walk north towards Dalston Junction.

Shoreditch Office Space have recently helped a few companies find and secure office space in Dalston – the search for suitable properties does not always through up lots of options, but the viable ones that do appear can be very interesting. Around the canal it is possible to pick out a few choice buildings, former warehouses that would have served the waterway provide classic urban visions.

In many ways the opportunity to find great creative office spaces has been dampened by the residential developers getting their first. For at lease 7 years this area has been up and coming from a living point of view.

De Beauvoir Square has been popular for many years but property prices have risen with very little actual market transactions.

There is no doubt that a more hardened East London crowd occupy office space in Dalston – not only attracted by rents under £35.00 per sq ft per annum exclusive but also those happy not to be on a tube line or within walking distance of an underground station. The London overground service is good, with Haggerson and Dalston Junction stations nearest.

If you would like to discuss how Shoreditch Office Space can help you find and secure offices in Dalston or across East London then please contact the office on 020 3434 3860.

 New Shoreditch office space Coming

So January has been a struggle for many getting back in to the flow of work but also in their search for Shoreditch office space, after the festive period. The sight of abandoned Christmas trees on the streets of Hackney and across East London was a familiar sight on our various excursions from the warmth of the office.


We’ve also seen that some street artists have taken advantage of less people being around and have been busy creating some new pieces – although we’ve not seen anything too special yet.

In terms of the office space in Shoreditch. Demand has picked up from where it left off at the end of 2014. Relentless. The main frustration for many people looking for office space last year was simply the lack of it. This led some of our cleints to consider locations such as Whitechapel, Hackney Wick and deeper into East London as attractive options. Especially when you consider the difference in rent.

Many of the requests for space that we’ve had this week have been from Start ups and companies looking to take their first proper office space in Shoreditch. So we thought it would be useful to do a ring around on behalf of our tenant clients to all of the Landlords to see what was available and also what is coming up.

We have a number of exciting opportunities coming shortly:

  • 1,200 sq ft sublease near Whitecross Market
  • 1000 sq ft sublease near Whitecross Market
  • 15,000 sq ft refurbishment opportunity close to the Tea Building
  • 9,500 sq ft single floor in need of refurbishment
  • 35,000 sq ft development site close to Hanbury Street
  • 12 person serviced office suite for £4000.00 per month
  • Two new serviced office buildings opening in the next six weeks.

These are just some of the things that we have picked up on our travels. So if you want to discuss your property options with a property consultant at Shoreditch Office Space please call the office on 020 3434 3860 or email sales@reesa.com


New Serviced Offices coming in Shoreditch

Serviced Offices in Shoreditch have been in short supply ever since Tech City started to take a hold on the area. There are several serviced office buildings which are almost always full.

From a Shoreditch Office Space point of view this has been a source of frustration as we try and help start ups and companies looking for a small private office on flexible terms.

For anyone reading this that doesn’t know what a serviced office is, we would describe it as a private office available on a flexible contract which has the benefit of providing office space which allows you to have access to communal kitchen’s break out areas and a community.

Serviced Offices are different to Co-working or desk sharing opportunities as you have your own four walls and a door with a key. This format tends to suite companies which are working on private or confidential development projects or perhaps need to use the phone a fair amount.

The co-working centres in Shoreditch have helped pick up some of the demand fuelled by Tech City, acting as a pressure relief valve.

But it’s been a while since a new serviced office building has come to the market – but Shoreditch Office Space are delighted to be working with three new buildings currently coming to the market.

They are all in great locations, two around Old Street underground station and the other just north of Finsbury Square. Pricing is going to  be around £600.00 per person per month and viewings are now possible on two out of the three properties.

To register your interest for Serviced Offices in Shoreditch and to secure a space off plan – please contact sales@reesa.com

or call the office 020 3434 3860

Croydon Tech City – How scared should Shoreditch Be?

Croydon Council has been hosting a competition recently to help build Croydon Tech City to find a co-working partner to help them foster a start up culture in the town. They have earmarked a building from their portfolio which will be transformed into a hub of ideas, enterprise and commerce – or at least that’s the idea.

Can Co-working in Croydon help the town's Tech City Credentials?

Can Co-working in Croydon help the town’s Tech City Credentials?

For those co-working landlords lucky enough to be selected for the beauty parade it presents a dream opportunity to become a pivotal player in this emerging destination or rebel outpost depending on who you speak to.

So will the injection of co-working into Croydon Tech City be the catalyst for a sustained increase in start ups choosing Croydon Offices rather than Shoreditch?

Well from a cost point of view Croydon is better suited to start ups. Shoreditch desk prices are averaging £350.00 per desk per month, with some co-working landlords seeking £600.00 per desk per month. However from a pure transport or cool factor there can only be one winner!

But in our biased opinion Shoreditch offices provide better value for money when you take into account every thing you have on our doorstep and the access to the already established eco-system of funding, collaboration and coffee.

Shoreditch was a natural place for start ups to congregate in the early beginnings of the Tech City initiative. The government further endorsed what was already happening in the area with its Tech City Investment Organisation which created various cheerleaders and advocates.

Some Shoreditch advocates believe that Croydon is trying to force the issue and artificially create something and it won’t work. However just consider the success of Canary Wharf, where as once upon a time the City of London was in the same position of Shoreditch. Both clearly now co-exist and remain wholly relevant.

So we wish the Croydon co-working centre every success and we’ll monitor the availability of affordable office space given the amount of enquiries we get for cost conscious tenants seemingly becoming frustrated with the price increase in the City Fringe.

Shoreditch Office Space. A property firm helping start ups, people, companies and organsiations every day no matter what their budget would love to hear from you – give us a call on 020 3434 3860.

EC2 Office Space to Let, Worship Street Shoreditch, Approx 18,100 sqft

EC2 Office Space to Let, Worship Street Shoreditch, Approx 18,100 sqft . At Shoreditch Office Space, our team of expert property consultants are always out scouring the streets of East London looking for new and exciting spaces. This is an example of something we came across on our travels…

This corner building provides fully refurbished media style space with tremendously generous exposed ceiling heights from top to bottom. You can see from the photo below that the building provides exceptional natural light and with sensible glass partitioning you can imagine this space being one of the hottest in town later this year. Each floor plate is nearly identical at 3,100 sqft, making them well suited to occupiers with 20-40 staff seeking trendy office space in the heart of Shoreditch. With the landlords high quality refurbishment works completing late 2014 the building is set to be launched to the market next month with likely lease start dates new occupiers in the Spring.

wssosThe building is two hop skips and a jump away from Google Campus on Bonhill Street and  occupiers will be a 5 minute walking distance to both the Northern Line at Silicon Roundabout and the Central Line at Liverpool Street station.

We don’t let buildings we help people find and secure them. So if you are looking for an office space like this in Shoreditch, or would like to learn more about the services we provide to our clients, please contact sales@reesa.com

How flexible are office leases in Shoreditch in 2015?

How flexible are office leases in Shoreditch in 2015? There is no doubt about it one of the biggest challenges facing occupiers in the Shoreditch office market is finding flexible office space. Whether you are startup (funded or otherwise), a small business (zero to ten staff) or a medium business (ten to thirty staff), aside from cost, flexibility is often the single most important factor in their decision making process for a new office in Shoreditch. Despite the continued efforts, campaigning, and lobbying from the property team at Tech City UK, available flexible office stock in Shoreditch remains in short supply. For this reason we have seen the rise of co-working and serviced office space over the last 18 months and they are playing an integral role to solving the flexibility crisis in Shoreditch.

Brick-Lane-Face-1000x288However, despite the fact that these landlords are very often providing plug and play purpose built / designed creative space with valued amenities such as break out areas, meeting rooms, roof terraces and event space – the actual physical space that they are offering their clients for the prices they are charging is leaving many occupiers feeling unsatisfied and in a state of limbo because the alternative of a more conventional office lease in Shoreditch, solves the lack of physical space by generally offering occupiers more than double the physical space that they have in say a serviced office for the money they are spending, but frustratingly they are only available on 5 year leases with commonly 3 year lease breaks being quoted, failing to offer occupiers the flexibility that their fast growing business demands.

In practice what we saw in 2014 and what will be likely to continue in 2015, is businesses with 10 or less staff will occupy co-working hubs and serviced offices on flexible terms and when their occupational needs demand more physical space to the point whereby their space sacrifice is no longer palatable, and their cash reserves are strong enough to secure a traditional lease because of the significant capex needed (for big rent deposits, fit out, furniture, IT infrastructure, connectivity, agency fees, legal fees ect…), then they will do so with the knowledge that there are flexibility parachutes available when you sign a long term lease to limit your liability. For example you have 25 staff occupying 2,000 sqft on a 5 year lease with a 3 year break and 12 months into the lease you are ready to higher 10 more staff in the near future and you need a larger space, more in the realm of 3,000 sqft. With the demand in Shoreditch remaining buoyant we saw occupiers assign and sub-let their leases / liability with relative ease to give their business the freedom to relocate and exit from a lease as and when they needed to. Of course we are in a boom market right now and this will not always be the case, but it is fair to say that this trend and booming market is looking likely to continue in 2015.

If you are in the market for a flexible office space in 2015 then we would love to help you with your search. Please email sales@reesa.com for immediate assistance.

81 Rivington Street Serviced Offices

81 Rivington Street Serviced Offices has availability of office space coming available from November onwards. Room sizes vary from 2 people to 37 people. Some of the larger suites become available during January, but the landlord is selling off plan.

81 Rivington Street is ever popular. Normally it is of interest to creative and also the technology companies making Tech City a global success. The property is the largest serviced office property in the Shoreditch triangle. Pricing varies from room to room as it depends on size and aspect.

Some other benefits include:

  • Access to a roof terrance (summer yoga classes)
  • House cat
  • Professional and client focused staff
  • Great range of meeting rooms
  • Fully fitted out with furniture
  • Connectivity and telephone packages

The property is also very green with the foliowing spec:

It’s not about just paying lip service but about doing as much as we can within the physical limitations of each building

  • Green Roof
  • Solar Panels
  • Rainwater harvesting (flushing loos and irrigating green roof)
  • Water conservation (smaller cisterns and flow restrictors)
  • Sensor lighting (to all offices and common parts)
  • Low energy lighting
  • Recycling on each floor (paper, plastic, cans, food (wormery))
  • Bike storage
  • Recycled materials in the refurbishment e.g. recycled car tyres in the flooring

Shoreditch Office Space – based in Shoreditch so that we can be close to our clients and hear about availability as and when it comes up. 81 Rivington Street serviced offices being available is rare, Call us today.

Call us on 020 3434 3860 or email sales@reesa.com

Shoreditch Serviced Offices

81 Rivington Street

The-Office-Rivington-Kitchen-900x407 The-Office-Rivington-Street-Meeting-Detail-940x407 The-Office-Rivington-Street-Reception-940x407